All about Wedding Whisperer!

Wedding Whisperer is a dream come true. A business that, from the bottom of my heart, is about bringing one-of-a-kind celebrations to life with all the joy that a marriage truly means.

This is a Halifax-based boutique wedding planning and coordination company, with the goal of bringing the fun back into wedding planning. It’s all based on my genuine belief that couples should get to enjoy every second of their wedding, by handing the hard stuff to someone who has seen it all, done it all, and is ready to help.

So, who am I?

I’m Jess! A marketing pro with over 10 years of experience in throwing events big and small. An East Coast girl who not only enjoys a good party—especially if it ends on a dance floor—but loves throwing them for my nearest and dearest (and hopefully now you!). I’m a romantic who loves weddings no matter what my role—guest, bridesmaid, maid-of-honour, or WPIC-certified wedding consultant and coordinator. The wedding whisperer who believes anything can be accomplished with a list, a keen eye for details, and a smile.

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Image of couple's first look, Photographer Eldie Photography, Wedding Whisperer, Nova Scotia Wedding Planning & Coordination

What brought me to the world of weddings...

I love weddings – everything about them! I love the joy that a couple feels when they take that step to get engaged. The flurry of excitement planning the big day. Flipping through wedding magazines. Finding inspiration on Pinterest. Discovering the details that will make the day perfect.

It’s about seeing a couple’s dream come to life. Seeing family and friends from around the world come together for this one special day. The first look. First kiss. First dance. Discovering even more about the couple, and their love story, through the speeches. Seeing everyone let their hair down on the dance floor. It’s about the sigh of relief from newlyweds when they sit back and take it all in.

What I don’t love is seeing the stress that can come over a couple when they’re bogged down by the details. Seeing the excitement fade, when they’re paralyzed with endless decisions. When the focus is shifted to getting everything done, and away from the good stuff. This is why Wedding Whisperer was born!

Your Turn!

Tell me about yourself and how I can be a small part of your big day.
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