Coordinating your wedding day so you focus on the fun stuff!

You’ve spent months, if not years, perfectly planning every detail. Now it’s time to finally bring those plans to life. But it’s impossible to be in two places at once. With me working behind-the-scenes on your big day, everything will run smoothly. I’ll handle the agenda, the flow, and any issues that come up (and they always do) so that the only fire is you burning up the dance floor.

Thinking about having your family and friends do it for you? They want to tear up the dance floor too. Leave the wedding dirty work to me!

Basic Wedding Coordination

This is a must for all couples. The chance to see your plans perfectly executed, without lifting a finger!

  • Initial meeting to discuss aspects of your wedding day
  • Month-of meeting to gather contracts and review final wedding details
  • Detailed timeline
  • Day-of walkthrough of the venue
  • Eight hours of service on the wedding day doing whatever you need including, but not limited to: setting up basic décor, coordinating and arranging payment of vendors, making sure ceremony and reception elements run on time (catering, MC, speeches, etc.), holding a crying baby, hydrating the bridal party, and anything to assist the bride and groom throughout the day and into the night.
  • Access to emergency kit full of “just in case” items that have been known to save the day on more than one occasion.
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À La Carte Wedding Coordination

Looking for even more support on your big day? These wedding services can be added to your Basic Wedding Coordination package for an additional cost.

Additional Hours

If your to-do list seems endless, let me support you leading up to or on your big day.

Décor Pickups

Let me worry about the last-minute errands, so you can enjoy the first moments with your guests.

Rehearsal Coordination

I’ll make sure that everyone is on the same page for the ceremony, so you don’t have to.

Décor Tear Down

I’ll tear down everything at the end of the night so the only thing you take with you is each other.

Extensive Decorating

Stringing lights. Putting on chair cover after chair cover. Leave the heavy lifting to me.

Décor Storage & Returns

Make last call your last wedding worry. I can take your décor home and make all of the vendor returns.

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Full Wedding Coordination

I will literally do anything (well almost anything) to ensure that all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, including all of the above and more. From before you wake up until after the last guest has left. The only thing you’ll have to think about is the beginning your life together.  

Hiring Jessica as a day-of coordinator was absolutely one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding. It was a huge positive and absolute must! We were able to spend time getting ready with our families and wedding party before the ceremony, knowing that Jessica was setting up and making sure every detail was in place.

She helped us with some last-minute fixes and even added thoughtful extra touches to make our day that much more enjoyable. We were so glad to have her there to discreetly guide us through our night with a smile on her face!

Jessica’s passion for weddings combined with her organization and attention to detail make her worth far more then any monetary value! We would highly recommend her to any couple planning their wedding; with Jessica’s help, our wedding was the smoothly-run success we dreamt it could be.

We are so grateful for everything you did for us, I can’t imagine how our wedding would have gone without you there!

– Jade McFarlane

Flower Graphic, Wedding Whisperer, Nova Scotia Wedding Planning & Coordination

Interested in working together?

Are you ready to schedule wedding coordination with me? Or just want to find out more?

Here are more ways I can help!

If you need help planning your big day, or with the festivities leading up to it, check out my other services.

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