Making wedding festivities a breeze!

The weeks and months leading up to your wedding are a time to celebrate with family and friends. But if planning isn’t your thing, or life is just too busy right now, don’t sweat it! Let me help so each celebration is a joyful and stress-free occasion.

What can I help with?

Engagement Party

This marks the beginning of many wonderful wedding festivities to come. Set it off on the right foot with a little party planning help!

Bridal Shower

Your family and friends want to shower you with love, but don’t know where to get started. That’s where I come in!

Bachelorette Party

Together we will take your bride’s unique style and destination of choice and create a party everyone is sure to remember.

Rehearsal Dinner

Your day is almost here, but first you have to plan a pre-party for nearest and dearest. Let me take this off your plate, so you can enjoy your dinner.

Bachelor Party

All a groom wants to do is party with his boys? Let me work hard ironing out the pesky details so you can play hard!

Post-Wedding Brunch

You had a big night, but want to come together for one last hurrah. Don’t put that stress on your shoulders, put it on mine. I’m happy to take the load off!

For my bachelorette, I wanted something exciting and memorable, but also low key. Which, in my opinion, can be a tricky demand to pull off. Jess did just that and more!

We ended up doing a weekend away at my family’s cottage—but Jess took your average ‘cottage weekend’ to the next level. The first night she thoughtfully planned a chill and mingle event (many ladies we’re meeting for the first time) with an outdoor movie screening which included lots of cozy blankets, drinks, and a snack table fully equipped with a popcorn bar that even had personalized “Natalie’s Bachelorette” popcorn boxes (so cute!).

The next day she had something planned for every portion of the day that was so ‘Natalie’. The morning was a naughty themed, boozy breakfast and the afternoon was a chartered booze cruise and swimming. Then the day was finished off with a great dinner and lots of hilarious games.

Jess had thought of everything, from décor (nautical themed at the cottage, and on the boat), to games (tasteful bachelorette themed games as per my request), to having me in mind the whole time she planned (I love movies, big breakfasts, boating, drinking games). My girlfriends who were lucky enough to attend that weekend, STILL talk about it four years later as it being one of the best bachelorettes they had been to!It was obvious that Jess took a lot of pride in organizing this event, and that showed through in every last detail.

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, and that is 100% because of Jess!

– Natalie Young

Flower Graphic, Wedding Whisperer, Nova Scotia Wedding Planning & Coordination

Interested in working together?

Are you ready to start planning your wedding festivities with me? Or just want to find out more?

Here are more ways I can help!

Do you need help with your big day? Check out my wedding planning and coordination services!

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