Putting your wedding plans together, one piece at a time!

Your wedding is the biggest party you and your partner will ever throw. It’s stressful enough to throw a dinner party for ten people, let alone an event for all of you and your partner’s friends and family. Who’s got hundreds of hours of spare time to plan it all? (Yes, it takes that long!) That’s where Wedding Whisperer comes in.

Already know what you want? I’ll make your dream day a reality. Don’t know where to start? I’ll guide you. Every step of the way, I’ll be a phone call, an email, a text away.


A wedding consultation is a great first step for couples. In this hour-long session, you can ask me anything. Where do you even start? How much should everything cost? How far in advance should you begin planning your big day? From Wedding Planning 101, to more specific questions, I’ve got the answers you need.

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Partial Wedding Planning

Partial Wedding Planning is an ideal option for the couple who may have already planned parts of their day, but need some help to keep the momentum going. Together we’ll determine where you need support, how many pre-wedding sessions you might need, and work together to develop the ideas you’ve got dancing in your mind.

À La Carte Wedding Planning

Whether it’s a consultation or part of a partial wedding planning package, here is a taste what I can do. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t worry! I can help with all of this and more.

Personalized Budget & Timelines

I’ll keep you on track with time and money, making wedding planning a breeze.

Event Design & Décor

From the idea to the execution, let me take care of every beautiful detail.

Venue & Vendor Relations

I can narrow down options, make connections, attend meetings, and handle correspondence.

Invitations & RSVP Tracking

Don’t worry about handling invitations or keeping track of guest details—I’ve got you.

Stationary & Signage

Invitations. Programs. Menus. Place cards. I’ll source materials, place orders, check for typos, and more.

Guest Welcome & Activity Planning

I’ll make sure travelling guests feel our famous East Coast hospitality and stay entertained all vacation long.

Full-Service Wedding Planning

With a full-service wedding planning package, I will be by your side every step of the way. From the post-proposal rush to putting your feet up after it’s all said and done. Flipping through wedding magazines and scoping out inspiration for you on Pinterest. Searching high and low for your perfect wedding venue. Giving you the inside scoop on vendors from accommodation and transportation to florists and entertainment, and everything in between. We’ll work together to design, coordinate, and execute your wedding from start to finish.

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Right from the start, Jessica went above and beyond—thinking of every detail we could have overlooked, and was eager to take on any task we’d need her to do. She took it upon herself to communicate with all our vendors directly so they’d go to her with questions and concerns instead of us which was so appreciated, so we could thoroughly just enjoy the excitement of it all.

Jessica worked so hard behind the scenes to make our day flow seamlessly. She is so friendly, easy going, and is a joy to work with.

Jessica continued to show her caring nature even after the wedding, helping the team clean up, and stored several of our things at her own home so we could leave for our honeymoon the next day. She even remembered to grab two of our cupcakes to freeze and eat on our 1 year anniversary.

Jessica became not only our coordinator, but an MC, a decorator, a food and drinks server, the person who made sure we ate something (because in all the excitement and socializing, that’s something that a couple can forget to do!). If anything went wrong that day, we certainly had no idea, neither did our guests. She kept everyone so happy and comfortable.

Our family and friends rave about how fun and beautiful our Wedding was and it’s all thanks to Jessica. We’re so thankful we had her. She’s wonderful.

– Joelle Beebe

Flower Graphic, Wedding Whisperer, Nova Scotia Wedding Planning & Coordination

Interested in working together?

Are you ready to start planning your perfect day with me? Or just want to find out more?  

Here are more ways I can help!

If you have your wedding planned but need help on your big day, or with the festivities leading up to it, check out my other services.

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